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I'm planing on sending a shiny Riolu egg to ultra sun and I checking to see if my plan will work because I don't wont to lose a shiny:

1.Collect 30 eggs.
3.Hatch the 30 eggs to see if any are shiny.
4.If none are shiny I will start again but if one is I will reset the game and store the egg the shiny was in EG: egg number 14.

Please tell me if it is wrong or right and if it is wrong how it can work.

Does this method have anything to do with a Magikarp? Also do you have the Shiny Charm? This method seems very similar to the Shiny Swap Method.

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As the comment stated this method is very similar to the shiny swap method. The link explains it more in detail but I'll still loosely explain it here.

  1. Save the game BEFORE you deposit your parents into the daycare.
  2. Deposit the parents, preferably a foreign Ditto with the IVs you want to pass down holding a destiny knot and the Pokemon of choice.(Masuda Method)
  3. Collect 30 eggs, then remove one of the parents from the daycare and hatch the 30 eggs.
  4. If none of the Pokemon hatched are shiny repeat steps 1-3.
  5. If one is shiny make note of which egg, say for instance it was egg #15 that was shiny since your last save, and proceed to step 6
  6. Restart the game without saving and deposit the parent again. Collect the eggs up until you collect the 15th egg and that 15th egg will now be an unhatched shiny of whatever Pokemon you were breeding with the ditto.

That's pretty much the barebones of the swap breeding method, just without the swapping part. Most people breed with magikarps because they hatch the fastest, then when they find the shiny restart the game and breed with the Pokemon they actually want shiny, hence the "swap" in the name. If you have any questions about one of the steps refer to the video or ask me in the comments below. You should also have the shiny charm for this method which can be obtained by completing the Alolan Pokedex, pretty easy since its not the national this time.

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Just wondering but if i traded the egg onto ultra sun would the egg still be a shiny or would it change?
It should still be shiny. The reason the method works in the first place is because everything  for the egg is set in stone from the moment the parents are placed inside the daycare. So if the 15th egg is shiny, with 4IVs, Male and with its Hidden Ability, then that 15th egg will always be shiny with 4IVs, Male and its hidden ability.
Thank you i can now hunt for a shiny riolu egg without worrying if i will lose it for the next game :)