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Toxapex gets the award of weirdest Pokemon to learn a given move. It gets Haze. Why?

Why would a brittle star get Haze? Is there a connection to marine life on Earth? This seems like something that might be answerable because Toxapex is somewhat naturally inspired compared to other odd situations like Volcarona learning Magnet Rise.

It's a Ice type move that should've been a Poison type move. Do the math.

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A question like this is more theoretical, so there is no 100% answer for it. But, from my perspective, you can think of it in two ways.

From the Pokemon side of it, Toxapex can already learn other ice moves such as Ice Beam and Frost Breath, as well as a weather affecting ice-move, Hail. So, the ice-typing of the move is not peculiar. The move Haze itself just resets its stat changes, and a lot of Pokemon can learn similar moves such as Psych Up and Clear Smog.

For its biology perspective, being the Crown-of-Thorns Starfish, "When the starfish is removed from the water, the body surface ruptures and the body fluid leaks out, so the body collapses and flattens. The spines bend over and flatten, as well. They recover their shape when re-immersed, if they are still alive". So, the move Haze is actual quite appropriate because one, you can only use the move when still alive, and two, it's sort of a way for the Pokemon to "reshape" itself.

Hope I helped! :)

So Haze is like its body fluid leaking out? Still not entirely making sense.
No. Haze just resets stat changes. It says in the biology that the body collapses and flattens when the fluids leak out. If you were to translate this into PokeLogic, the body fluids would leak out when the pokemon faints, since it collapses. The stat resetting move Haze is like getting back into the water's floor and "reshaping" itself.
Well I guess that makes a little sense, but the idea I get behind Haze is Jessie's Seviper using it in the anime. Of course, it doesn't usually match the effect it does in-game, but that's the look I think of, and I can't understand why a marine animal besides an octopus would do that, especially a sea star or urchin or "brittle star" or whatever Toxapex is.
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Toxapex can learn scald which heats up water, also Toxapex can create a bunker barrier around itself with its protruding arms, I guess it could create steam whilst in this form and using scald. Hope this answers your question buddy.