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I have a regenerator Toxapex on my ultra moon game but I have no idea how to use it. I ended up using Milotic on nearly all of my battles as that serpent has been the most consistent Pokemon I have ever used but I do know that sooner or later I'm gonna end up in a situation where Milotic is gonna have a very difficult time. Whenever I use Toxapex, it never delivers any decent results and just dies without doing anything significant. Even when I switch out so it can regain hp, it still dies when I send it back out even against targets that don't hit it super effectively. This one is supposed to be a good Pokemon and I know I'm failing miserably at using it. So how do I use it and what should its ev spread be?

This is for wifi battles 6v6 singles

Click toxic. Click recover. Click haze if they set up. Click scald if they need to be burned..
Yeah. That doesn't work, for me anyway. It takes too much damage from one super effective move so on the turn I use toxic, the next attack kills it. I do switch out once that happens to heal some hp but the other guy would just switch out as well and when I send it out, he will just use the same pokemon and kill it in two hits
That's why you run a counter for that mon. also evs are max hp and then max in one defense.
Don't switch Toxapex into Pokemon that might know super effective moves. A good way to guess the opponent's moves is going to https://www.smogon.com/stats/ , clicking a recent date, clicking "moveset", and clicking "gen7ou-1760.txt".
Well, it still doesn't work in the few battles I've used it. Don't know why but I never understood how this pokemon works or how to use it to wall something. At least Tangrowth is a lot easier to use :/

@sumwun man that is very tough to read

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Is your Toxapex properly EV trained? If not, that could be a reason it's unable to tank hits, specially if they're neutral. Ensure you've got good EVs spread across in HP and whichever of Defense or Special Defense that you think is more useful for your team.

Also, as is the case with most defensive Pokemon, using them is not easy. They're not like hyper offensive Pokemon (like Greninja) in the sense that they need a good amount of prediction and counterplay to slowly turn the tide of the battle. Note that Toxapex is not good at generating momentum by getting kills as much as it is at making your opponent lose their momentum.

This is the reason it's used as a pivot, so it can sponge neutral hits, threaten to Haze/Toxic/ or simply Recover, forcing your opponent to switch out.

Playing with Toxapex is much easier when you use it to switch into attacks, specially if the opponent is Choice locked, allowing you to fire off a free Toxic or Toxic Spikes while they switch, before retreating to safety. This allows you to prevent yourself from being swept. This requires you to take that risk, as whether Choice Spec Greninja will use Ice Beam next or Dark Pulse, because you can easily beat Ice Beam locked Greninja 1 on 1 but Dark Pulse will eat you up.

Any time your other stronger (sweeper) Pokemon are being threatened by a move that Toxapex resists, just bring it in. You can also use it to absorb Toxic Spikes and lay your own. And then you have to switch out, because it is a Wall but also a Pivot.

To summarise:

  • EV train your Toxapex
  • Bring it in to sponge hits that threaten your sweeper
  • Use it to reduce opponent's offensive momentum
  • Use it to set up Toxic/Toxic Spikes as they switch out, or haze them if they have stat boosts.
  • Don't be afraid to switch it out if the opponent has strong neutral or super effective attacks.

Also, make sure your Toxapex has good synergy, type wise, with the rest of your team. If they share too many weaknesses, it's not much of a help to you at all, so keep that in mind.

Finally, the playstyle Toxapex requires to really shine is a very predictive, slow, defense oriented playstyle that isn't everyone's cup of tea. Some find it easier to play Hyper Offensive, others like Balanced, yet others prefer Stall. Take a good look at what you're good at (or, rather, what is more fun for you) and run with that. Don't beat yourself up if you are seemingly unable to use a "top" or "good" Pokemon. Theres more than enough Pokemon and playstyles for all (:

Good luck with Toxapex, but don't hesitate to use Milotic just because Smogon said more people use Toxapex.

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So it's similar to Tangrowth then? My Toxapex is calm nature with max hp and spd and I'm not sure if that's even a good ev spread. I've never been a big fan of using a dedicated physical or special walls due to how the guys in the group use a completely unexpected move on a certain pokemon. So should it be a physical or special wall? Or should I just run 252 hp / 126 def and spd on it?

I never hesitate to use Milotic. At least with that pokemon, even if I predicted wrong it still performs. It's just the best wall I have ever used and I pair it with Tangrowth so I have a sponge to enemy attacks
The spread you're running is pretty good, it's standard with Scald so you can fish for Burns so then you can wall the physical attacks as well. Once your opponent Pokemon is burned, it becomes more important for you to have the extra boost in Special Defense. The 126 split is generally not used as it can backfire such that you're not that much better off in sponging either physical or special attacks.

I'd say Regen Tangrowth can form a decent defensive core, with Tangrowth taking physical damage while Toxapex takes special. Both Assault Vest and Rocky Helmet are good items for Tangrowth.

However: Seeing how you've enjoyed good success Milotic, I'd suggest using Marvel Scale Milotic with Scald, Toxic, Recover/Rest and another filler move so it can be used to sponge status for you. The Special Defense boost due to Marvel Scale and the opponent Scald burn can help you outstall your opponent.
Pair with Tangrowth? Guess I'll try that. Tangrowth has basically become my sponge so I use it a lot. And I guess my real problem is I never use scald but that's because of force of habit on using Milotic. Thanks a lot for the advice

Yeah I use Milotic a lot. It's nearly on every team I use but sooner or later, someone is gonna figure out that it's the most dangerous in my team. One guy already did that and is hard countering it with a Kartana so I thought I'd give Toxapex a shot. Oh and marvel scale boosts defense and not spd :P