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Both are Regenerator + Black Sludge users who eliminate stat changes and Toxic stall. But which one is better? The format would be Gen 8 OU.

Spore and toxic? Lol
Sleep Clause. Lol
You can’t have them asleep and poisoned at the same time
People usually switch after I use Spore, then I use Toxic on their next Pokemon.
Spore is the best sleep move
I don't think it should be given up by toxapex so probably take amoonguss

2 Answers

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I recommend Toxapex although amoonguss is very similar but has an extra weakness with ice psychic flying fire Toxapex only has electric ground psychic so it's typings better now amoonguss is great in doubles with pollen puff and rage powder but it's not as good in single as it is in doubles so Toxapex is the better option getting moves like toxic spikes and baneful bunker and if you want to burn opponents then it even gets scald so Toxapex is probably better

Hope I helped

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I would prefer Amoonguss. It resists Electric and is neutral to Ground, which are both good qualities in a format with Zeraora and Excadrill. Amoonguss can also reliably put opponents to sleep, paralyze them, or badly poison them, while Toxapex can badly poison or burn opponents. Toxapex has an arguably better form of recovery in Recover, but Giga Drain works quite nicely nonetheless.

Toxapex is better in some scenarios, like dealing with Volcarona, but I believe Amoonguss is a bit better in general.

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