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Okay, so I want to learn exactly how Little Cup works.
An explanation would help, because I do have a few questions:

• It says under Pokemon Level "Max. 5". Does that mean that the Pokemon You battle with have to be Level 5, or will they will be auto set to Lv. 5? If the max level is 5, how will I EV train?

• Where it says Special Pokemon, they say Banned. What are special Pokemon?

• Can Pokemon with no evolutions at all battle in Little Cup?
(Example: Shuckle)

• Must they be baby Pokemon? Or can Scyther battle?

An explanation would pretty much clear these things up, but if you can answer the individually, that'd be great.
Thanks for helping!!

Sorry for the long question by the way.

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This will answer all your questions =)

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It did help, but I still don't know what special Pokemon are, and how to EV train without passing Lv 5.
How about using those power band, power ankle(not so sure about this item's name) etc