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Better yet, what rules are trainers bound to, and what are the consequences of breaking them. I bring this up because of this:

"Not only were they defeated and "blasted off" in the end by Misty's newly-acquired Gyarados, they received possibly the capital punishment for all Pokémon Trainers: they were banned from all official Pokémon League matches for life."

So how much freedom does a trainer have in the Pokemon world. What can a trainer do and not do, because the anime doesn't make things clear enough.

I don't know it's just one of those idley explained things in the anime.
A life sentence in prison? XD
Which trainers?
The anime is meant to be entertaining, not give you every detail of the pokemon world. If there were really punishments, rocket would have gone to jail a while ago
It is not important to the plot, and therefore is not known.
Agreed, tazzie.
PIA Nurse Joys and being banned for life from official Pokemon League matches are not entertaining.

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This is one of those questions where any answer could be correct. I'm assume that the PokeWorld will enforce standard laws like we have in the real world but for the PokeWorld I guess you can just slot in Pokemon to real world laws.
For example:

No stealing would apply to the PokeWorld but it would also apply to using your Pokemon to steal. Abuse is another one. In the real world animal and human abuse is illegal some the abuse of Pokemon will also be illegal in the PokeWorld.

So in short, yes the PokeWorld will have laws of it's own but as it is not a massive deal in a kids TV show / Game then Nintendo haven't bothered writing out an entire list of rules and regulations for the Pokeworld. But we can assume that standard real life rules and laws would apply in the PokeWorld and would incorporate Pokemon within them.

Although I don't think Capital punishment would ever be considered in the anime or games o.O