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I found my old DS with a copy of Pokémon Platinum, and I was wondering if I could somehow encounter Darkrai and / or Shaymin someway. I did activate Mystery Gift. Can I set the time of my DS to 2009 or something to claim those event? And if not, is there any way of doing this? I do own a R4-Gold Cart with some possible cheats, but I want to only use that if there are no other ways to do it legit.

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Is your cartridge Japanese? There's a way to get a legit one but it only works if your cartridge is Japanese.
No it is a normal one :(
Well. That crosses out the Tweaking glitch. Tweaking takes 3 hours to do anyways.
I know the tweaking glitch doesn't work in Platinum, though there might be another way.

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No. There is no legit way to get them, since mystery gift events are only around for a set amount of time, though, if you already have the gifts and never picked them, up you could encounter them, but if you never got the gifts, then I guess you'll have to resort to hacking then.

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