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So say I have no EVs or deleted them all with the berries. here's my example:
So I still need to get alolan raichu for my pokedex, so I've been trying to evolve my Pichu. I was feeding it the berry that lowers defence, and it said "its defence won't go any lower." it took a lot more battles and berries before it evolved, and I've been wondering:
A: Did I misjudge how much it boosts happiness and get suprised by how long it took
B: did I delete all Pichu's EVs and stop the berries raising happiness but get more happiness from walking and gaining more defence EVs through battle (Which I did, I noticed that after a few battles when I tryed the berries again, it didn't go straight to "It won't go any lower") and feeding more berries?

Extending on this, could I use Tomato berries to max out my Type: Null's Happiness even though it has no speed EVs?


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Your Pokemon should still gain friendship even if they have no EVs.

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So I can Use tomatoberries on a no-spee EV Type-Null and get it to evolve without butchering any stats? cool!
Going to throw in here that this does work. I do this all the time to grind happiness. Equip a Soothe Bell and do the massage in Konikoni City before you use the berries, you'll spend less if you do.