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Ok My Eseon just recently hit Lv. 100 and here are his stats.

HP- 272 ------- 100 Evs went here
Attack- 158
Sp.Attack-330----- 100 Evs went here


Moves- Shadow Ball, Sunny Day, Psychic, and Psyshock

Also any suggestions feel free to make them.

IVs are in Sp.Attack.

And for the rest off the EVs I have no idea were there at.

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There is no way to tell if it has good stats unless you give us the EVs put into each stat.

The moveset needs a ton of work however.

Replace Sunny Day and Psychic with Grass Knot and Calm Mind. If you can get another Espeon, one with Assist Power would be preferred over Psyshock.

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I updated a bit. Also why would I take Pyschic out it has stab power on it? And Sunny Day is there to use it for Serpior incase I get jammed by a Dark pokemon, will take it ou soon though.
Since you have no idea where the rest of the EVs go, nothing can be done still. Psychic and Psyshock are of the same type, and since Psyshock is more useful than Psychic should be removed. As for Sunny Day, don't even use Sunny Day on Serperior.
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Keep psychic replace psyshock with morning sun otherwise good as for stats there is no point in ev training atk.

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Sorry there were at Sp.Attack