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Pretty self explanatory, if I trade my Tornadus from ORAS to Ultra Moon, can I have it in my party and try to catch Landorus, or does the Tornadus need to be from Ultra Sun?

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Why don't you test this yourself?
i don't have internet right now, i'm on the phone and i wanna know if i can before registering my hotspot just for a trade
I bet you can. I remember doing this in Diamond to get Regigigas.

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Yes, it doesn't matter if the other legendary is from another gen, otherwise it would be very unfair if Game Freak decided we could only use same gen Pokemon. The game just checks to see if you have both a Thundurus and a Tornadus in your party.

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Yes, I tried and I can confirm using a Pokémon from another generation will trigger the encounter chance (if it is correct to say), I used my alolan thundurus and a tornadus from ORAS and I encountered landorus, with my surprise