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I'm terrible at both of them, and any help or tips would be greatly appreciated. I can't ever get far enough to the point where I can even have a chance of finding Guzzlord's place, and at one point I did get far enough, and found... a Nihilego. That was incredibly disheartening. I can't even do the basic things Mantine Surfing - like I said, I'm just terrible. Like I said, any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

I'm getting the hang of surfing now. You want to aim for a more circular motion riding down the waves, and if you can get high enough, try stringing two combos in one jump. Also using the Magikarp move only once per ride scores more points.

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Sylveon's Guide to Ultra Wormhole Running

First, if you haven't already, go to the Gamefreak Studio in Heahea City (2F of the building to the right of the Dimensional Research Lab). Talk to the Aether Foundation person in the lower right corner of the room to switch to Circle Pad controls, which is much easier than motion controls. When you've done that, go to the wormhole. Collect as many rings as possible in the beginning, and avoid blue balls and most wormholes in the beginning. Try to only enter two or three ring or white wormholes. Accumulate as much speed as possible before the rings become less common. Good luck, bring a lot of Ultra Balls, Quick Balls, Max Potions, Full Heals, and a False Swiper in case of a legendary.

Sylveon's Guide to Mantine Surf

Go to the top of a wave, and right before you jump, zoom back down the wave. Do this until you have orange wind around you. Then jump off a wave. Perform some tricks (do 4 tricks in a row to get Magikarp Splash trick) and land perfectly. Do this as much as possible, and avoid Tentacool, Sharpedo, and Wailmer and Wailord (once you do the Master Rank) Repeat to get many points! I got 20,000 points this way.

Hope you do good!

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*sigh* I knew all this, but thanks anyways. At least nobody just answered 'get good'. Guess I'll never see Guzzlord...
The top score you need to beat starting on Poni is 58300 points...
I bested that with atleast 72k points. The key is to time your tricks by doing a trick when the decreasing circle around your Mantine dissappears. Even though I don't like the guy who made the vid, Verlisify made a YouTube video regarding Mantine Surf tips and tricks.
Oh wait, Guzzlord? Just enter white wormholes until you find its land.
"Oh wait, Guzzlord? Just enter white wormholes until you find its land."

If I hadn't found it by now, that line would possibly be the least helpful advice.
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When on the Ultra Wormhole Ride, you have to collect as many rings as you can, or you will slow down and be sucked into the Wormhole closest to you. Legendary Pokemon usually wait behind Wormholes with 4 rings around it. These Wormholes are a uncommon in the beginning, but the farther you go, the more common they will get. Ultra Beasts wait behind 4 ringed Wormholes that are white colored. If you knock a legendary out, don't worry. You can still battle it behind another wormhole that has the correct color. Remember to bring a lot of Ultra Balls, Quick Balls, Full Restores, Hyper Potions, Max Revives, Full Heals, and Max Elixrs!!!