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I have the shiny charm (Finally) and want to masuda breed a Japanese Nidoran♀ with my ditto to get shiny nidoking/queen. would his be more effective than the other method, chain S.O.S. battles, taking into account both time (How long it takes to get a shiny) and odds (How likely I am to get a shiny at peak efficiency).

I'm pretty sure SOS chaining is faster. People use the Masuda method only when they want more control over the Pokemon's nature.

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This depends, Masuda method takes longer, because, no duh, egg hatching, or even getting the egg in the first place takes time. As for odds, without the shiny charm, Masuda has 6/1892 without the charm, and SOS has 1/683 at max (with the charm) Hope I helped :)

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