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I've only used one game system and memory card for ever Pokemon journey I've played. The question is how
do I trade Pokemon from the regular sun and moon to Ultra sun and moon game. when I've used the same memory card.
I have no problem getting hands on a second console and I have my spare regular sun and moon. - Thanks


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Easiest thing to do is just get Bank. Throw all your Pokémon from S/M into Bank, switch game chips, and then use Bank to withdraw them all en masse onto Ultra. Two console trading would use the Quick Link function and you'd be limited to 1 for 1 exchanges.

I'm a kid, so I dont have a banking account. How much is the pokemon bank?
Pokémon Bank is an add-on for the Nintendo 3DS system available in the Nintendo e-Shop. Using Bank as well as Poke Transporter, which comes with it, you can transfer Pokémon from 5th and 6th generation games to 7th generation games, as well as trading between different versions of the same generation. This is the software you'll also need to transfer Pokémon from the VC versions of Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold & Silver to any Gen 7 game. It's like the PC function in-game, only huge. There is an annual charge to use it, but it's not much - around $5 depending on where you live.
Get Bank and you can transfer hundreds of Pokémon at once. Very handy if you keep a "living Dex".