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So it's pretty obvious that Lumiose City is based on Paris and Parfum Palace is based on Versailles, but are there any other locations in the region that are inspired by actual places in France? If so, what are they?


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Vaniville Town: Moulins
Aquacorde Town: Nevers
Santalune Forest: Forest of Fontainebleau
Santalune City: Fontainebleau
Lumiose City: Paris
Camphrier Town: Blois
Battle Chateau: Château de Chenonceau
Parfum Palace: Palace of Versailles
Ambrette Town: La Rochelle
Cyllage City: Saint-Nazaire
Geosenge Town: Carnac
Shalour City: Saint-Malo
Tower of Mastery: Mont Saint-Michel
Azure Bay: The English Channel
Sea Spirit's Den: Alderney
Coumarine City: Le Havre
Laverre City: Amiens
Dendemille Town: Charleville-Mézières
Anistar City: Strasbourg
Couriway Town: Molsheim
Snowbelle City: Besançon
Pokémon League: Château de Chambord
Kiloude City: Lyon


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