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When you battle it in the Ultra Megalopolis, it knows Smart Strike and Dragon Pulse. Smart strike can only be taught by TM, and Dragon Pulse is via move tutor. If the Necrozma is wild, how does it learn these moves? Also when you catch it at Mount Lanakila it doesn't know them.


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Let's say this: Ultra Necrozma is a part of the story as Gamefreak made it, so they have decided that they give Ultra Necrozma move tutor and TM moves just to make battling Ultra Necrozma really hard. (P.S.: IT WOULD BE A LOT HARDER IF IT HAD EARTHQUAKE)

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Not saying this answer is wrong, but I can't help to think that, if they really wanted to make it a hard battle, then the Necrozma should know earthquake. Without earthquake, it's too easy to beat with a steel Pokemon.
sum umm ik your not trying to say my answer is wrong but still i know necrozma can learn earthquake but do they really have to do all of that? i wouldnt understand if necrozma ultra was able to have it in the first place
I bet they gave it smart strike for fairy's though. still, the battle is already hard enough
I just used Mimikyu's Toxic and Golurk's Curse to kill it.