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In USUM, when Necrozma flies off to Ultra Space, the game shows us a cutscene, where Hau and all the kahunas except Hapu are ready to fight Ultra Beasts near the Ruins. I decided not to go for Necrozma right after that cutscene and go to the Ruins, but they were all empty. Then I decided to check the kahunas' houses. Surprisingly, they all are home, and when you talk to them, they say nothing about the Beasts! Did the kahunas defeat the Beasts already? Why don't they say anything or ask you about what happened? And where is Hau?
P. S: I haven't defeated Necrozma yet.

They are probably waiting for the Tapus to carry ngl

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The most likely thing is that the game devs didnt think that anyone would go back and just ignore the plot so they just never bothered to remove them from their normal spots and place them around the ruins.

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