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For those who never finished the game, SPOILER WARNING.

I remember a year ago... I was walking/runing to the league, and I found Necrozma inside a crater, like you always do, then I battled it, and caught it, then I clicked the "Summary" button, and it already had Photon Geyser, and Ultranecrozium (I know Photon Geyser is Necrozma's true/real signature move, but isn't there like, a move tutor or something?)! Was it a glitch, or was it natural?

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This happened a year ago,so you proaby forgot about you picking up the z crystal
@Octazooka - He is telling the truth. He never picked up Ultranecrozium Z but Necrozma already had it.
@Azelfeo, Yup.

@Let me make my question description more clear: I clicked "Summary" while the game was asking me where I wanted to put Necrozma. When I put it in the PC, it said: "Would you like to take Ultranecrozium?", I took it, and then, my trainer automatically took the Z-Crystal on the ground.
The Necrozma in my game already had Photon Geyser and the Ultranecrizium Z, as well, so I'm pretty sure it's normal.
Yeah it happened to me too.
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I think he's wondering how he picked up Ultranecrozium Z, even though he took it from the caught Necrozma.
@Poké Guy Fieri, No.
Also, thanks to all of you who helped show that this was a normal thing.

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This is a completely normal occurrence, and is meant to happen to every player. Necrozma is meant to hold the Ultranecrozium Z when caught, and being at level 65, will know Photon Geyser, as well as Iron Defense, Stealth Rock, and Autotomize.

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