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The intro is clearly slowed down- it happened so fast Lunala/Solgaleo couldn't respond. Also, it is for Game Freak to show off how they fuse.
Source: I watched and thought about this for a while.

Doesn't make sense. I watched a video of it and sped it up, and they still had time to escape. Besides, they only need to show once how they fuse. Okay, what would have made it better is if they at least tried to escape.
Necrozma was behind sogalunala, i guess
No. Watch the intro, and Necrozma is in front of him.
@Stakatacool I think I get what you're trying to say, but you're talking about when Necrozma slams the legendary pokemon with its hands. But while its hands were spread out, they had time to escape.
It’s to show off Necrozma’s fusions.