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I know it's made of prisms, but according to the dictionary, a parasite is an organism that lives on another organism (its host) and benefits by deriving the host's nutrients. I mean, it does mooch off Solgaleo and Lunala's energy, so...

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It would depend on the nature of the interaction between the entities.  Does it hurt Lunala/Solgaleo when Necrozma feeds?  Or is there just an excess of energy that Necrozma feeds on simply by being in proximity/contact with them?  Or is there a benefit to Lunala/Solgaleo in some way?

If Necrozma alone benefits, while Lunala/Solgaleo suffers, then yes it would be a parasite.
If both Necrozma and Lunala/Solgaleo benefit, then it's a symbiote.
If Necrozma alone benefits, but it does nut hurt Lunala/Solgaleo....  I don't remember the term.
There was a cutscene about them suffering, but i don't remember. I'm pretty sure it was about Solgaleo/Lunala getting tired or something after they where split.
Symbiosis refers to the interaction between 2 species in general. If both benefit, then its Mutualism, which is a kind of Symbiosis. Commensalism is where only one benefits and the other is unharmed.
@SeeYaLater No, they weren't tired. They were weakened because Necrozma drained their energy before being defeated.
If I recall correctly, Necrozma is the one in pain, because it's lack of light is weakening it, causing black crystals to form. Solgaleo & Lunala are the embodiment of two major light sources, so Necrozma can finally feed, and they shouldn't feel much pain, since they're constantly making light.
Yes, but even Lusamine said Solgaleo and Lunala were weakened after having Necrozma steal most of their light and therefore they had to take care of it at Aether Paradise until defeating Gladion.

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Necrozma is a literary parasite. because yes you are right but he takes over the bodies of Solgaleo and Lunala. and why you ask well, you know when you go and fuse Lunala and or Solgaleo the name changes and you get a new move that only works with both Pokemon and it says in the Pokedex entry "The light pouring out from all over its body affects living things and nature, impacting them in various ways." Which we can all confirm that Necrozma is a parasite.

Things are parasites only if they harm their hosts. Are you sure Necrozma harms Solgaleo and Lunala?
Yes, it does.
Someone commented that Solgaleo and Lunala only appear to look tired or sleepy because their energy was drained by Necrozma. Which means that yes, Necrozma benefits and yes, Solgaleo and Lunala detriments from Necrozma's presence within their body.
While I am all for Necrozma being either or, Lillie tells us that Necrozma suffers without it's light and encourages you to fuse it with Nebby. That sounds like Necrozma benefits from the fusion.

However, you could argue Solgaleo and Lunala benefit from the fusion via stat changes, therefore being potentially harder to Kill, and extra moves, most notably Swords Dance and Rock Polish Turning Solgaleo into an absolute monster, and the use of Light That Burns the Sky. :P
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I think Necrozma isnt the parasite. Instead I think Necrozma is more like of a host.


Then can you explain the special Z-Crystal... which completely changes Lunala and Solgaleo's form? Why do you think that Necrozma isn't the parasite and is more like a host?