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Is it Sol-gal-leo or Sol-ga-leo?

Controversial answer: there is no correct pronunciation.

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Solgaleo is pronounced as Sol-gal-lee-oh. Think of it like Galileo. Though we could argue about this forever like ALL other word pronunciations, such as caramel.

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> The way a person pronounces it is all dependent on his preference.

I pronounce is sol-gah-lay-oh because of Galileo.

Others pronounce it sol-gah-lee-oh because leo is pronounce lee-oh.

It probably is sol-gah-lee-oh, but until we get an official pronunciation by the English dub, an English movie, or some other source, there will be no way to know for sure. Of course, this won't stop people from being facetious and saying ___ is the only way to pronounce it because ___ said so.

I still catch myself pronouncing Metagross as meh-tah-grahs instead of meh-tah-grose and Arceus as ar-see-us instead of ar-key-us. I wish they would release Pokémon pronunciations the day a game comes out so people don't develop their own way of saying it...unless they want kids to make up their own way of saying it, which I would also understand.
That being said, i don't watch the anime, but the anime usually doesn't get legendary names wrong. IDK if solgaleo has been in the anime, tho, and all languages that have leo mean lion still have them pronounce it the other way (LAY-oh). And the wiki doesn't list links, however, it tends to be very reliable on these sorts of things.
Solgaleo comes from Sol and leo or Galileo.
Galileo is pronounced LAY, not LEE. Have you never listened to Bohemian Rhapsody?
Yes I have, but LAY is not the right way to show how to pronounce the e in Galileo. LAY is incorrect since that would be a closed e, like in "main." The e in Galileo is an open e, closest to the e in "bet." They sound similar to the untrained ear, but are two very different sounds in Italian. LEY would be more appropriate. I also said it is "like" Galileo, that doesn't mean that it is the same as Galileo.
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Like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ah67dfecAVc
In other words, SOHL-guh-LAY-oh
Other Source

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yes, official.
Are you positive? Neither of your sources are from official websites/videos.
The first is from Torgo Entertainment Channel and the second is from pokemon lets play wiki. I don't know are they official or not, but I pronounce like it
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I say it as Sol-gay-lee-oh, though the second part might come from Galileo.