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So, I look at Solgaleo (its picture, at least) and I think its made out of steel. (hence its type and ability) I play Ultra Sun, catch Solgaleo, and go into Pokemon care. Its mane is moving like if it was normal hair or something.
I'm confused, is it made out of steel? Or maybe some steel like flesh?

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I'm going to go off of what I think it is made of Cosmic matter with refined titanium. So it becomes like an equation refined titanium + Cosmic matter=The fluidity that you see in its mane. and its colors is it radiating I like to think of its color scheme as more of a reflection given off from its power since its on a totally different lvl saying it's like the sun pkmn lol.
But this is all opinionated saying there isn't a website that describes Solgaleo's Chemical Composition.

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