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So, I completed the main game for the Crown Tundra, and I found a 4th legendary clue. I already know it’s about the ultra beast and that I need to show peony my Necrozma. Once I did, he said “this certainly looks like the Pokémon from the mysterious clue, chief! BUT- it seems that I never came from this Max lair! I know it’s a pain, cheif, but keep on looking!” Why? My Necrozma came from UM, is that why? It’s also shiny, and I also tried its fusions and it said the same thing. So, do I need to find Necrozma instead of my Necrozma from UM?

What's the clue? Also "It seems that it never came from from this Max Lair!" Probably means you need to catch a Necrozma in the actual game, and not show him your transferred one.
The clue is the last one that you get, once you complete the main crown tundra game and you can pick up the last legendary clue. The clue, ????????,  says “ A m...ious I...ge h..le that con...cts o...r w...ld to ano...r. This phe...m...non was ori...ally dis...ered by Prof...r M...n. The h... co...ts to wor...s whe... Ult... ...sts li...e. Th...e are be...s t...t are diff...nt fr...m the P...ém...n th... we ...re fam...ar w...th.”  The description says “A mysterious clue that Peony seems to have dropped. There is a photo attached to it showing a shining hole opening above the Max lair.” You get it after the reins of unity.

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You need to show Peony a Necrozma found from the Max Lair. Showing him a Necrozma from any other origin will not work - He specifies that it must come from the Max Lair. You can encounter Necrozma as a Final Boss in Dynamax Adventures.

Here's the Encounter list.

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Thank you! I thought I could fool a computer lol. Now I gotta get Necrozma hunting.
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it seems you need one from the Max lair.
Ones from UM aren’t from the Max lair, so they are invalid.

Source:Uh....he literally says it needs to be from the Max lair

Ok because I thought it didn’t matter lol. So I just need to find a Necrozma from the Max lair, right? Sounds easy enough...