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I know that within Pokemon there are moves like geomancy that raise the users special attack by +2 (along with other stats) I just want to know exactly how much it raises it by (for calculating purposes) I know this is a noob question but I have been playing Pokemon competitive for 2 years now I just never figured it out and it has started to bug me especially when making teams


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Each boost in a stat is by .5 more so +2 is double the boosted stat

Ok thanks I couldn't remember what it did at all lol ^.^
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2x Attack

A +2 stat modifier simply doubles the stat. So if your Pokemon has 162 Attack for example, after one Swords Dance it shoots to 324.

Check the table below for more details:

So we see that +1 = 1.5x
+2 = 2x
+3 = 2.5x and so on


This can be seen directly in battle simulators like Showdown! which shows the modified stat as well as the original so you can compare. While counting damage output for the turn, the modified stat is used instead of actual (meaning the one with no modifiers, just IVs, EVs, nature and base stat)