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I have an Electabuzz and Dusclops. I have nobobdy to trade with to get an Electivire or Dusknoir. I do, however have an electririzer and reaper cloth! Are these 2 pokemon just as good holding the evolite in pre-evolved form as they are evolved? I wouldn't mind using both competitively (battle frontier wifi) but I need to know if its worth it. So, I'm asking if they are good enough to use in pre-evolved form using an evolite?


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Well, well, well......

Lets start out with Electabuzz. It has decent stats all around, with best special attack and speed. But defense is pretty bad, so an Evolite would help a little. But it would be even better evolved. So don't worry about putting an Evolite on an Electabuzz.

Dusclops would be indestructible with an Evolite. With AMAZING defensive stats you really don't have to worry about anything; you just can't deal a lot of damage. And, like trachy said, it is one if the best defensive walls in the game.

Hope this helps =)

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Dusclops with Eviolite is the second best non-Uber wall in the game (just a tiny bit behind Cofagrigus) and is well worth it. Electivire is better than Eviolite Electabuzz however, since Electabuzz is a sweeper and doesn't have the defenses to run Eviolite to the extent of being better than Electivire. Especially when taking into account ability differences.

Both good cant really choose best, excadrill is great too, and he'd be happy with some points right?