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We all know that Necrozma must fuse with either Solgaleo/Lunala and hold the Ultranecrozium Z to become Ultra Necrozma. We also know that Necrozma becomes a Psychic/Dragon-type when in Ultra. I would like to know what its design was inspired by (or what Mythological/Cartoon dragon inspired the design of Ultra Necrozma).

seems like a light element dragon (yes those are a thing) and hoopa unbound
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Ultra Necrozma's design seems to come partially from a light-elemental dragon (yes those are a thing, at least they are in the book I'm writing), as well as Hoopa Unbound's design, which is based off of a djinn or something of the like. The light part makes sense, since Necrozma "stole the light", but I cant find anything explaining what Hoopa Unbound is based on, so I'm just taking a guess.

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