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Yeah sorry we don’t allow trade requests in the Q&A. The chat room is reserved for discussion of that sort. But your main question stands, so I’ll leave it up like that.

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The best Legit way of getting mythical Pokemon is:

  • wait until another distribution

  • Trade with a reliable person who has multiple legit mythical Pokemon.

I've had many friends help me out when they had many copies of, say, Genesect lurking in thier PC.

Although it is noted that: You can get mew by glitching Red/Blue VGC (if you count bug abuse as legit), You get Celebi in Silver VGC Legit, you get Deoxys in ORAS Legit, and you can get Shaymin/Darkrai In D/P (again, bug abuse, but if you do this one wrong, you may corrupt your save file).

Hope I helped!

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The bug only works in DP because there are invisible walls in Pt stopping players from abusing it. In DP, you can also exploit the bug to get Arceus.
sumwun, I read some bulbapedia articles that you couldn't get Arceus because you needed to cheat in the event item(or whatever) because if you didn't, the Arceus's Sprite will be static and you can't battle it :P
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Cheating is most definitly the best option, but if you would like to get the Pokémon on how you are supposed to get it, buy a Distrubution Cart and claim the Pokémon through Mystery Gift in an earlier gen. That's the most legit way I can think off, even though it is still a little revolved around cheating / hacking.

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The best way is to cheat them in. That way you can get an ideal nature and IV's.

EDIT: For anyone who thinks I'm trolling, I'm not. Cheating them in is by far the most efficient and "best" way of getting rare Pokemon.

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*Git Gud :P
No but seriously I got a lot of Mythical Pokemon Legitimately, so cheating them in is like saying my work means nothing. If you can't get the mythical you want, too bad, honestly. There's no reason to make anyone's hard work void. It is inconsiderate and rude: the game developer's never wanted anybody to cheat, and your tarnishing the product they worked so hard on.