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So there's a Pokebase tourney coming up (Signup are still open) in which the rules specifically state that only non-attacking moves are allowed.

I was wondering if someone could come up with a list of attacks, because I wasn't sure if all Status moves automatically come into picture here.

Does it mean non-damaging moves are fine, regardless of category of move, or should it be Status only, or how?

Do non-damaging moves from all categories count? Which moves fit this category?

Furthermore, where do Seismic Toss, Counter, Mirror Coat come into picture? Are they allowed?

Thanks in advance.

When posting the tournament idea, DarkTyphlosion simply said, "No attacking moves." I took that to mean all physical and special moves were banned, but no status moves were banned except the ones he listed separately.
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Counter and Mirror Coat are pretty much useless because there are no enemy pokemon with a physical or special move in the tournament...
@sumwun I thought so too, but I wanted to be sure. It felt ambiguous. Possibly because it's so old. Or not. Anyway, I just don't want like a clash of opinions so I thought this was the correct place to get all the doubts cleared.

@Jarjar: Thanks, you noticed :D

@Sylveon: True, but are they *banned*, i.e. do they come into the category or outside of it?
Seimsic Toss and all other fixed-damage moves as well as Counter and Mirror Coat count as physical attacks, or in the case of Mirror Coat, a special attack. They do not count as a status move, so I don't think they are allowed.

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This is all status moves I think


Sorry that it is just a link but it is too many to write