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Say it used Dynamic Punch. Would it be possible for the parent to hit, but the child to miss, or vice versa? So, basically, are the two hits separate attacks, or the same attack hitting twice, as with Double Kick, Double Hit, etc.?
And if it hits multiple times, would each hit have the same chance of additional effects, such as Poison Jab's 30% chance possibly being rolled twice, essentially yielding 60% chance of poisoning (even though I'm pretty sure it can't learn that move, just an example)

Disclaimer: I have no idea how you could, but please don't spoil USUM here.

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Any attack which has a secondary effect (except Secret Power) has the same secondary effect on both strikes (such as Power-Up Punch), including effects that do not always trigger.
Even though the Ability makes the Pokémon strike twice, there is only one accuracy check for the strike. This means if the first strike misses there will be no second strike, and if the first strike does not miss, then the second is guaranteed to strike.

By the way, a move like poison jab would have a 30% chance to poison, and 70% chance to not poison, on the first hit, and another 30% chance to poison within that 70% chance. The chance to poison per move would be 30% times 100% plus 30% times 70%, which is 51%, not 60%.

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Sorry, didn't do the math there. I just thought: 30%. another 30%. 60%!
That's surprising! I never thought of that :)
yeah, maths is confusing.