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What is the highest shiny odds you can have in any Pokémon™ game?

Well except like Red Gyarados which is 100%

I don't think you have to add the TM
Guaranteed shiny Pokemon include Poke radar chained Pokemon and the Haxorus at the nature preserve.

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In Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, by flying through ultra space, you can encounter many Pokemon including most of the legendaries. If you've caught every legendary available in a certain color wormhole, and fly into one of the super crazy ones with the highest rarity level (it kinda looks like there's a flower around it), as long as you've flown over 5000 light years away, the Pokemon will have a 36% chance to be shiny.


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Excluding guaranteed shinies that you didn't list, I'm pretty sure it's the Odd Egg in Crystal. In the Japanese versions, it's event exclusive, but has a whopping 50% chance of being shiny. In the international versions, however, it is available in-game, and, overall, has a 14% chance of being shiny.

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