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I know whatthey are but I need an easy way to get perfect
speed ivs foe example?


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You cannot control IVs, only try again.
Breed eggs of whatever Pokemon you want to have perfect Speed IVs, and give the mother the Speed power item.

IVs are random numerical values, so you cannot control them at all. Just keep trying!

*The only way to control IVs is through hacking, or "Pokesaving" (Which is not recommended...)

Well that sucks but thanks anyway
The pokemon characheristics indicates it's highest iv stat.  The speed ones are:
Likes to run
Alert to sounds
Impetuous and silly
Somewhat of a clown
Quick to flee
Go to: http://pokemondb.net/mechanics/hidden to see them all.
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You know what , off-question but so what if you cannot control iv's I recommend getting a pokemon with the ature that boosts the stat and ev train it completely .
I know this is not what you want to know but you cant control ivs but you sure can get your pokemon to become a lot more faster .

Hope you enjoy training and battling!! :)

Problem is everyone does that, and I need an edge against the competion.
Oh !! kk I get your point !!