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The guy in the kiloude city pokecenter will hint you to how many ivs you have.

The IV-Checker will say ''Stats like those... They simply can't be beat! That's how I judge it.'' when your Pokémon has 31 IV's in a stat. He'll always say it after he tells you about the stats.

As to get them you have to give a Pokemon with 6iv a destiny knot and breed it so it can pass down atleast 5 ivs. To get that 6th iv you have to get lucky. Of course you don't really need to use the destiny knot trick but it becomes a LOT easier if you do.

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can you tell me what every hint means for example he says my meowstic has superior stats overall is that good or no
That should help, my edit and le scraf's link
one last question how important are iv
IVs are like the 'base' of the stats. Like, the higher your IVs the higher your stats will be when your Pokemon grow up. So I guess they are pretty important, if you want your Pokemon to have good stats, though it's very hard to get perfect IVs. If you're playing in-game, people don't tend to matter too much. In competitive, it's quite important.
IVs boost your stat by itself. Do you want to do maximum damage with 450 attack and 31 IV? Or low damage with 419 attack and 0 IV?
thanks :)