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I'm trying to shiny hunt zorua in the game. I going to need increased chance of finding a shiny.

Hack lol
Tbh, chaining even without the charm is just a really efficient way to shinyhunt; a dataminer found that after 30 calls, the chance without the charm is around 1/315, and the charm only raises it to 1/273.

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You need to obtain all Pokemon of the alolan pokedex (without mythical, but you also need the ultra sun exclusives).After obtaining, go to the Heahea City Game freak office. The Game Freak office is located on the second floor of the third building to the east of the Pokémon Center; immediately to the southwest of the Dimensional Research Lab.Then, the game director of the office will give you a shiny charm.
Enjoy your shiny zorua sos chaining!

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Anyone know how I catch a shellder? I can't find it!
[email protected] to kala'e bay
What do I do? Run around in the tall grass, have been there loads before and never seen it
You need to fishing to catch it. It has 5% encounter rate.But  fishing on bubbling spot, It will be35%
Thanks dude! Super helpful!