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So basically I got a Zorua way back when they did the event. But I want to restart my White game because I used an Action Replay on my old save and I just want a fresh start. But I still want Zorua. I don't know anything about this Celebi stuff and I don't trade online or anything. So is there any way to get my event Zorua if I restart or will I just have to go without a Zorua/Zoroark?

Afaik the events are time specific, you might end up losing it. My suggestion is that you trade it elsewhere and trade back later.

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No. There would be no way to get it back after restarting, unless you trade it to another gen5 game beforehand to later trade it back to your white game. If you own any newer games you could send it there instead if you wanted, with Poké Transporter+Pokémon Bank. Though, since you have an Action Replay device, you could try using it to reactivate the event if it has a trustworthy code for that.

I hope this helps!

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