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Ok, so my Aerodactyl is leveling really fast, even without any Lucky egg and other Level boosting items. My Aerodactyl is Level 52, and my team is like lvl 42-45, and like in the title, it is like in 2 Battles it Levels up.
I do not get exactly mad, but in my Ultra Moon playthrough it gets too easy.

It might be because your Aerodactyl's OT is not you or because it's fighting high experience yield Pokemon.
It's traded.
Is it holding a Lucky Egg?
@EnteiRaikouSuicune Read the question.
traded pokemon level fast. if you got it from the house in Poni's seafolk village, I don't think it would have you as the OT, especially since it came from someone else.
edit: either you team has slow leveling rates, or it's traded because Areodactyl's experience growth is slow
Source: https://www.serebii.net/pokedex-sm/142.shtml

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If you're Pokemon is traded, then it gets more EXP then the ones you've caught yourself.

But if the pokemon's OT is from a different country(like China, or Japan), 4x exp for traded pokemon happens!