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I want to SOS chain for Fleachling, Marowak, and Minccino. But I wonder that when a HA Marowak/Fleachling/Minccino appears, how I will know it has HA ?
Give tips for each Pokemon if you can.

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Use a Pokémon with the move Entrainment or the Ability Trace.
Umm, It can only copy one time .And entertainment may be  good , but the  pokemon can faint the user after you use entertainment. Is Fleachling's HA gale wings? S ,when  a fleachling use  a flying type move , It will goes fast
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The way that works for most Pokemon, including all three of these, is to use role play. This should reveal the target's ability. Additionally, many Pokemons' abilities can be determined using other methods.

Cubone's hidden ability is battle armor, so a guaranteed critical hit move like storm throw will land critical hits as long as it doesn't have battle armor. Use storm throw against wild Cubones, and the hidden ability ones will not take critical hits.

Minccino's hidden ability is skill link, which forces tail slap to hit 5 times. If it uses tail slap, and tail slap hits less than 5 times, then the Minccino doesn't have its hidden ability.

Fletchling's hidden ability is not big pecks, so its physical defense can be lowered. If you use leer or tail whip on a Fletchling, and it works, then the Fletchling has its hidden ability.

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Using frost breath will good, Because it also lands super effective and knock out those who doesn't has battle Arnie.
yeah, but you might take it out because it is super effective.
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The easiest way I found was to catch an exeggcute on exegutor island, because it has worry seed the level you catch it, which will change the Pokemon's ability to insomnia. This and you can teach it stun spore or sleep powder, to help catching and to stop the Pokemon from SOSing. This is the chain length percentages;

Chain length of 0 to 9: 0% chance of Hidden Ability

Chain length of 10 to 19: 5% chance of Hidden Ability

Chain length of 20 to 29: 10% chance of Hidden Ability

Chain length of 30 to 255: 15% chance of Hidden Ability

Source: https://bulbahandbook.bulbagarden.net/pokemonsunmoon/guide/sos-battle-chaining

Are there any other way?
Do I use worry seed continuously after each allie came ?
well, unless you want to chance knocking the Pokemon out, no this is the best method. This is because storm throw might knock out cubone, for example, without the crit, and if you make sure cubone doesn't faint by having a low-level Pokemon, your Pokemon will be knocked out quite quickly. And a gale wings flechling may not always use a flying move first, which means you might not even know it has the ability. Also, say you wanted an unaware pyukumuku. The only other way to tell it has it's HA is if innards out doesen't active when you knock it out.