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I went in the rendom match and I registered my battle box team but after I chose everything I need it said the is a problem with my team and not just once it says it every time ... so why is it saying that ?

my team is :

umbreon, starmie, electivire, chariard, glaceon, torretera

they don't hold items (cuz im not allowed anyway ) and they are all between level 75-77 and max ev'd so why arent im allowed ?

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Very strange......it always works for me.....
Are these Pokemon legit? Did you catch them yourself? You can use other trainers Pokemon, but the other trainer may have hacked them. Also, is the Electrivire the one that was obtained in an event a while ago?
I bred all the pokemon myself so ... yes :) also the electivire is mine so its immpossible that he is the reason to all of this

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Do they all have DW abilities? If so, then that is the reason because none of the Starters have been released with DW abilities. So if your Charizard or Torterra have DW abilities, they are hacked and is the reason why it is not working.

No theyre all normal besids .... DW starters are for now an exclusive event that was at japan so there are Dw starters