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So I replaced the event move roar of time with sword dance and I went to the move relearner to relearn extremE SPEED ABOUT to delete special rend but I couldn't find roar of time in the relearn able moves. :( HALP


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You cannot relearn event-exclusive moves. Simple as that.

Source: experience (I checked with my Victini & V-Create)

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I thought event Pokemon that forget their event moves can relearn them at the Move Relearner?
No; I saved before I deleted my Victini's V-Create, and the move relearner didn't have it as an option when I tried to reteach Victini.

However in hindsight I didn't get the Victini myself, so I don't know its legitimacy, so that might have an influence; it managed to pass through Pokebank though.
From an other answer they said I can relearn event moves :(