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Is Event Move 'Celebrate' Worth Something?

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Okay, I found there is rather interesting and unique event move called Celebrate. This move effect is to celebrating/congratulating someone for their special day like birthday, graduation day, etc. Is this move worth to keep? I mean it's at least can comfort, example me if peoples forgotting my birthday. But still it was having no damage or another effect much more to Splash. Pokemon who can learn this is Pikachu and Eeveelution (Eevee to Sylveon). Pokemon from event 2013 Birthday (Pokemon's Name) It was Normal-type.

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I view this as kind of a retorical question. Would you keep Splash on a Gyrados? Since the move had absolutely no effect, it's not really worth keeping.

It DOES dissapear after use

When a Pokémon uses this move, it will disappear and a present will drop down from above and unfold to reveal the Pokémon that used it inside.

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Well I like about how you answer my question. It simple and to the point. But, as I already told it at least can use to comfort. But it is really single-used move?
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If you read the Bulbapedia page, you should already have the answers to your question.

It'll disappear after you use it, and has absolutely no use in battle, so it's basically just a one use move that's like a pat on the shoulder. If you're not using the Pokemon for any competitive battling, then sure keep it for a 'special' occasion. If you are going to battle with the Pokemon, just use the move in battle ASAP.

Instead of drowning your misfortunes in a hand held game console, perhaps it would be wiser to either find new friends or tell people something important is coming up; one has to realise that no one remembers everything.

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The least they could do was make it raise a stat or two...
Well it's help me a bit, you know I don't really get with you speech. Seriously I'm not English-user, rather I had my own language. However I am still grateful with it.
I didn't realise English wasn't your first language; but my point was, instead of getting your Pokemon to comfort you, surely you should do something better with your time? Like remind your friends/ family that they forgot your special occasion.
Well, it will be good, but in sad occusasion what if like our parents is went to other country or in worst, gone for good?