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When a Pokémon uses this move, it will disappear and a present will drop down from above and unfold to reveal the Pokémon that used it inside. The battle text will then display: Congratulations, player!

Previous question I ask is Is Event Move 'Celebrate' Worth Something? Now I want to ask 'why the Celebrate move has 40 PP if it's single using move?' Is 'it' suppose to be Pokemon using the move or the move itself?


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The move itself doesn't actually disappear. We have to look at the grammar of the quote:

When a Pokémon uses this move, it will disappear...

"It" is referring to the noun Pokemon, saying "it will disappear". Saying "(the) Pokemon will disappear", not the move itself.

So, to answer your question, "it" is referring to the Pokemon using the move.

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That's a stupid move.
Indigo, it's a Splash that wishes you Happy Birthday. How is that stupid.
Celebrate = Birthday Splashes > Birthday Punches
Perfect birthday present for someone who is turning 40! You can let them win a battle. :3
Exactly! I see you understand.