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ok so in my LeafGreen I got a hitmonlee (aka capt.kick) I taught it TM.E-quake and the baby tyrouge knew E-quake but its not a egg move for it, do TM's apply like HM's, the kid gets 'em too?

EDIT:Can I pass it down to other compatible Pokemon.I know I'm V.interested and probly too much but as you may know I'm a PRO breeder

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Yes TMs are passed down if the Offspring can learn them too. Look [here][1] for more information on the subject.

For you edit: Of course you can pass Tyrogue's E-quake to any Pokemon in the same egg group that can learn it by TM in its first form. But first you would have to evolve Tyrogue because he is a Baby Pokemon.

Pokemon that Hitmonlee/chan/top could pass E-quake too:
Machop, Makuhita, Riolu, and Croagunk
[1]: http://pokemondb.net/mechanics/breeding

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