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Ok, so in all fairness, every egg move can be learned by one of the members, but according to this page, many other parents can pass on theses egg moves, despite the hitmon- family being male only.
Am I missing something, or is this page misleading?


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They're passed down from within the Hitmon family.

You know how Tyrogue has three possible evolutions? Each of them has their own specific moveset. However, it is possible to pass down some of their exclusive moves via breeding. Some examples:

Hitmonchan learns Bullet Punch. By breeding Hitmonchan with Ditto, the baby Tyrogue will have Bullet Punch. It can then evolve into either Hitmonlee or Hitmontop, neither of which learn Bullet Punch naturally.

The same principle applies to passing down High Jump Kick from Hitmonlee, or Rapid Spin from Hitmontop. In short, the Egg Moves are passed down to Tyrogue from one of the other Pitmans.

Hitmonlee passes down:
Endure, Feint, High Jump Kick, Mind Reader, Helping Hand

Hitmonchan passes down:
Bullet Punch, Counter, Feint, Helping Hand, Mach Punch, Vacuum Wave

Hitmontop passes down:
Counter, Feint, Helping Hand, Pursuit, Rapid Spin


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yes, I understand that (as I've stated in the description), but as I also stated, why would the page I've posted list other pokemon as potential parents?
It lists all Pokémon in the same Egg Group as the Hitmons that can learn the moves, regardless of whether or not they can actually breed.