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Right now I have a hitmonlee @ Lv. 53

Jolly/Wide lens
Mega Kick
Blaze Kick
HiJump Kick
Fake Out

Should I Keep on training it to Lv. 100? Or should I switch to one of its other evolutions?

Competitive or In-game? :3
Like you know anything about competitive... :P
No, I don't. xD
I think hitmonlee is based on Bruce Lee and hitmonchan on Jackie Chan...
I don't know about hitmon top.
They are.
Hitmontop is based on a spinning top. :o

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It all depends on what you're using them for. Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan can both run very nice offensive sets in a competitive battle, but they don't go far in the way of defense, even though special defense is a higher stat. Both have fairly low defense and a Scizor with Technician/Aerical Ace could most likely easily wipe out these two. Hitmontop can be either defensive OR offensive, or kind of a "anti-attacker", knowing moves to deal out heavy damage while still being able to withstand attacks.

I also want to note the abilities of the Pokemon. Hitmonlee has Limber and Reckless, both of which being almost next to useless in a competitive battle, especially since Hitmonlee learns 0 recoil moves (someone correct me if I'm wrong on that). Hitmonchan, however, runs a VERY nice ability, Iron Fist. Many people have some kind of 'punch move on a Hitmonchan, usually Thunderpunch to deal with flying types. This can deal out some major damage, especially if you've properly EV trained a Hitmonchan for attack. Hitmontop can have either Itimidate or Technician, the better of the two being Technician. This can be very effective when running a Bullet Punch/Mach Punch set.

To wrap up:
- Hitmonlee: most speed and attack of the three; crappy abilities (in my opinion)
- Hitmonchan: most defense of the two; a REALLY effective ability
- Hitmontop: a very good all around Pokemon; fairly good ability, could definitely work to your advantage.

I can't really answer your question if you should keep raising that particular Pokemon or choose another; that is solely up to you. I can, however, help you in any way possible make your decision. So I hope this helps!


*EDIT- as MeloettaMelody pointed out in the comments Hitmonlee's High Jump Kick CAN be powered up with Reckless. I overlooked this at first since it was Crash Damage not Recoil, however both types of moves are powered up.~

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If you want opinions on movesets just ask
Just pointing out that Hi Jump Kick is powered up by Reckless, so it can be useful for Hitmonlee.
That IS true i didn't see that my bad
Hitmonlee also has unburden, which is a pretty good ability.
For general use, hitmontop > hitmonlee > hitmonchan
yes but it's hidden
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It depends do you want power (hitmonlee) or coverage (hitmonchan). I would stay away from hitmontop(not that high of an attack stat, little ghost coverage(2 moves)). Personally I would go hitmonchan with the following moveset (ice punch, thunder punch, fire punch, and a fighting type move of your choice).