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Or is it the other way around.

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Actually hitmontop is the hardest of the 3 to get. Tyrouges evolution is based on is stats.If tyrouges attack is higher when it levels up, it will be hitmonlee, if his defense is higher it will be hitmonchan. The stats must be equal after it levels up to be hitmotop, often requiring several tries.

I mean who are you more likely to get.
It's not based on probability. If you want hitmonlee, try giving tyrouge several protein items. If you want hitmonchan, give it several iron items. As for hitmontop, try EV training carefully, and pay close attention to his nature, as this can complicate things.
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By the way you said it, it sounds like you think hitmontop will evolve into hitmonlee/hitmonchan. Actually tyrogue does. If tyrogue has a better attack stat than defense stat it will evolve into a hitmonchan. If it has a better defense stat it will evolve into a hitmonlee. If the stats are even then it will become a hitmontop. That is why you have to EV train it depending on who you want.
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Based on my experience, if you catch a random Tyrogue in the wild and level up with rare candies, it is much more likely to evolve into Hitmonchan or Hitmonlee and not Hitmontop. I'd guess at:
45% Hitmonchan
45% Hitmonlee
10% Hitmontop

But it will change if you gain some different EVs. For example, if you try it first with rare candies and the defense is higher, try and get some Attack EVs to balance it out.