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They can only breed with Ditto!?

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They are male-only, and it is the males that pass down moves. So when you breed Hitmonchan/lee/top with Ditto, the baby Tyrogue will have any egg moves that said chan/lee/top has.

This isn't as pointless as it seems - Hitmonchan/lee/top learn different moves and the Tyrogue you get can evolve into any of those three.

EXAMPLE: Hitmonchan can't learn Hi Jump Kick naturally. But if you breed a Hitmonlee that knows HJK with a Ditto, Tyrogue will have HJK. Then if it happens to evolve into Hitmonchan*, you got a kicking Hitmonchan!

  • You may have to breed several eggs before you get one that evolves into ol' Jackie.
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Jackie chan is cool
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When you breed with ditto, you always yield the other pokemon. That's how you can breed male only pokemon like Hitmonlee into Tyrouge. You can also breed no egg pokemon like Metagross to make more pokemon. Ditto's manly charm never fails to swoon the ladies...or gents...or unknowns for that matter. So just pimp your ditto and use it to get gender specific pokemon you want. You can use it to build unexpected moves onto your pokemon, like a kicking hitmonchan, or a hitmonlee with coverage moves.

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I knew that, DT. I was just wondering how egg moves are passed like this.