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Can/where can i get hitmonlee/chan or top in leafgreen? Or tyrouge? In game

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Yes. When you go to Saffron City, go to the gym next to the official gym. That is the fighing dojo. If you beat everyone, you will get a chance to pick Hitmonchan or Hitmonlee. When you get it, beat the rest of the storyline. At Four Island postgame, there is a Daycare that can raise Pokemon. Drop off the Hitmon you chose with a Ditto and get a Tyrogue from the egg. Evolve Tyrogue to desired Hitmon.

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Thank you, i thought from my old red blue and yellow i got one from a dojo. But in the pokemon list here it didn't say anything about it so i didn't know
It's alright.
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You can get one of them either Hitmonlee/chan from the fighting dojo, which is found next to the psychic gym in Saffron city.You must defeat every trainer there.

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