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I just made it through 49 super single wins, and wanna really plan ahead for Red's team :)
I'm using this to let me know what I'm up against, but I'd love if anyone could share what helped them in the past.

Here's a quick overview of my current team:
Kartana: Leaf Blade, Smart Strike, Sacred Sword, Psycho Cut
(@Focus Sash) Jolly, EVs in Atk/Spd
Tapu Koko: Thunderbolt, Dazzling Gleam, HP Water, Volt Switch
(@Electrium Z) Timid, EVs in Sp.Atk/Spd
Beedrill: Poison Jab, Fell Stinger, Throat Chop, Drill Run
(@Beedrillite) Jolly, EVs in Atk/Spd

Let me know anything that you think I should change/consider in order to be better prepared for Red! Thanks <3

I didn't get that far in battle tree, but I'd say you should be fine; you've even got stab moves for all except snorlax and Charizard. you've got a speed team tho. don't take my word for it, but every guide I've read on battle tree and suck areas say to have a strong defensive team and to avoid fast sweepers. But, I mean, you got this far, Right?
That's true haha, walls and supporters have never been my style so at this point I'm just hoping to take him out quick :)
Why not just get a fighting type like Breloom in case he uses Snorlax?

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Only noting x-zard & y-zard help (cause you'll only struggle with them) (and I didn't see sacred sword on kartana)
Hp water will take 6-7 hits on y-zard (because of sunlight), but electric terrain thunderbolt will take 1-2 hits
x-zard takes 1-2 his with drill run. pretty straight forward. Hope I helped you team should be fine.