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I was planning to add this bit in my other question, but I decided that it was worth its own space and attention.

It dawned on me that the trainer you meet on Mt.Silver is your character from the Special Pikachu Edition version of the older generation.

This was deduced, and I'm not going to beat around the bushes with this one, due to the presence of both a Pikachu and all three of the starters in Red's team.

You may think that this proves nothing, cause after all, Red was only there to represent the player's last trial before finally accomplishing the greatest feat one could achieve, surpassing yourself, with theoretically the best team one could get in the prior generation, right?

Well, not really.

At no point during Red and Blue (or even Green, if you played the Japanese versions) could you get all three of the starters and, furthermore, you could evolve your Pikachu, so why wouldn't you?

Debatable choice thought, because that thunderstone could have been used on, hands down, the best Electric Pokémon the first generation had: Jolteon.

Thus, this should solidify my statement regarding Red in G/S/C been the Yellow game's protagonist.

If we take as canon what I've proven with logic, we should also realise that the Viridian City's Gym leader is the same Blue we faced in Pokémon Yellow.

But something is missing from his team: his Eevee.

Let that sit in the back of your head for now and go take a look at the only pokémon Red has in his team from the second generation.

• Why would Red, of all people, be handed an Espeon instead of Blue, who got an Alakazam?
• Shouldn't their Pokémon be swapped?
• Could it be that they traded and the Eevee evolved from sheer happiness?

After all, nowhere in this game, or in the last one, could you find an eevee in the wild for, as even the Pokédex stated,

There are only a few alive.

Let me know what you guys think!

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yes. it makes a lot more sense.
If you ask me, Red isn't the cleanest guy. He is great to pokémon yeah, but people? Ehh... he stops team rocket and that is about it. For all we know, Blue evolved eevee, and red, seeing the opportunity, stole him, both due to the raw profit, and being unaware how espeon evolves (plus, quoting oak 'you forgot to treat your pokémon with love' while Blue may have changed, Red may not know. So he could think something like 'I can't leave something some wonderful with a trainer like blue! I must save it!'

Possible this could be my distaste for Red, I always thought Blue had more personality.
Blue does evolve Eevee, but not into Espeon.
Dammit Disco!
You've foiled my plans to confuse the readers once again! :(
Tee-hee ^.^

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This is actually surprisingly easy to answer. Just to get the facts clear, Red is in fact Yellow (although I'll still call him Red) as you have established. So as per Pokemon Yellow, here's a list of Pokemon Red receives as "gifts" throughout the game (because I believe they have significance):

  • Pikachu #
  • Bulbasaur #
  • Charmander #
  • Squirtle #
  • Hitmonlee/Hitmonchan
  • Lapras
  • Eevee #
  • Omanyte/Kabuto
  • Aerodactyl

After glancing through the list, you realize that five of these are in Red's team in GSC (the ones with #), and this does include a certain Eevee. I guess it's clear as to how Red got his Eevee now.

But what happened to Blue's Eevee? Well, here's what I think:

While Red might be from Pokemon Yellow, Blue might be from Pokemon Red or Blue.

It does sound a bit Farfetch'd, but hear me out. His GSC team exactly matches the one Blue uses in Pokemon R/B, without the starter Pokemon. I'll list all his Pokemon just to clear up:

  • starter Pokemon (excluded)
  • Pidgeot
  • Alakazam
  • Rhydon
  • Exeggutor (switched by Venusaur if that's his starter)
  • Gyarados (switched by Blastoise if that's his starter)
  • Arcanine (switched by Charizard if that's his starter)

The thing is, Blue never owns an Eevee in this game, thus explaining why we never see it on his team.

Hope I helped!

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You definitely helped, buddy!
Great answer!
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