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In Lilycove City's Pokemon Center, there resides a person who calls herself the Favor Lady. She requested of me to give her something slippery, and, expecting a reward in return, I gave her a NeverMeltIce, because ice is slippery, duh. Well, she doesn't do the "trade-off" right away, which I understood. But then I checked up on her multiple consecutive days and she still hasn't done anything with my Ice! What gives?!


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Give her one of these: Antidote, Awakening, Belue berry, Burn heal, Fluffy tail, Grepa Berry, Max Repel, Paralyz Heal, Pecha Berry , Repel and Super Repel.

But note that If a wrong item is given to her, she will not accept another until the next day.

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Oh, it's a record mixing thing. Good to know! Thanks!