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I really love Gengar and I play with my friends Generation 3 games all the time. I make it to the point that I always bring Gengar on my team as my signature Pokémon. Despite this, I am still greatly confused on the item I should let my fast sweeper Gengar hold. I was thinking of Leftovers for a little bit bulk, Focus Band for that chance survivability and even Quick Claw (if it is against my ex's faster Alakazam or her Salamence with a Quick Claw too). I also considered Scope Lens or King's Rock. But is there an item which can prove to be flexible for any situation that my Gengar can carry?

Avoid luck items like Focus Band and Quick Claw in competitive. Also, don't use Scope Lens or King's Rock unless you're comboing them with other crit/flinch boosts. The small selection of items available in Gen 3 doesn't change this advice.
Fizz, King's Rock only gives the boost to moves that cannot flinch.

(I think) Gengar also wouldn't be the best option because both of it's STAB options are physical moves in generation 3.
thank you so much for the help <3 but I really have to have Gengar on my team hehehehe the purple boi is my soul <3 so, i'm kinda going with Leftovers to keep him alive—I'll be giving the King's Rock to my Aerodactyl though so he becomes a flinch machine :D
My bad, sorry for grouping the items together.
If you're still willing to indulge me, then I recommend not using King's Rock on Aerodactyl either. The only good application of that item is on moves that have multiple chances to trigger a flinch, e.g. with Skill Link + multiple hit moves. Otherwise, it is a luck item and just as bad as the others. You will get more consistent mileage from Choice Band.
Ohhh :O ok ok ok :D that makes so much sense! Thank you!

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I believe an item that fits any situation is the item Leftovers like you said. The reason I say this is Gengar is extremely frail, especially on the physical side. Because of this, Gengar can benefit from any extra HP it can get. Especially with the move Giga Drain, Hangar can restore plenty of HP to help it survive that 1 extra turn it needs. Also, with Gengar's 3 immunities, you could also switch Gengar in to get some free healing as well if you predict well. Also, Fizz is right. Any items that rely on luck are not... Reliable. With Leftovers, you are GUARANTEED to get some HP restored. Because of these reasons, I believe that Leftovers is a good choice for your Gengar.
Hope I helped!

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You really helped a lot mate T_T thanks!
No problem!