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I need a strong dark type Pokemon for my team in Soul Silver, and I was wondering whether Sneasel or Houndour is the better choice? Currently my Houndour knows Flamethrower, Crunch, Dark Pulse, and Faint Attack, and my Sneasel knows Icy Wind, Slash, Beat up, and Metal Claw, because I just caught it in the wild. So which one would be a better pick for a dark type, or is there one that is better than either of those?

Both are great for ingame, but Sneasel is a bit harder to evolve if that means anything.

Honestly it just comes down to your current team. If you don't have many ways to beat dragon or ground types, sneasel is your man. If you need to beat grass, bug or ice teams, then use houndour/doom

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It seems you have already invested a lot of TMs and experience into your Houndour. If you continue using this Houndour, then you can continue to use this investment. If you switch it with your Sneasel, then that investment gets wasted, and you have to spend a lot of your experience to get the Sneasel to catch up with your team. Sneasel may be stronger in battle, but I don't think the difference is worth all the extra experience you'd need to level up the Sneasel.

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Yeah I think you're right, I'm not sure if this makes any difference, but I caught the Houndour in the safari zone, and the Sneasel in the wild. I wasn't sure if that had any effect on their stats though.